Saturday 11 June 2011

Revolution in Time Management

Dear visitor!
If you made it to this page, you are most probably dealing with the same problem as many adult professionals - lack of spare time. But do not be afraid, my extremely simple and brilliant programme is exactly what you're looking for. Soon you will be able so stretch your spare time out, almost denying laws of physics.

I suppose that you, just like myself until only yesterday, were coping with the same pain every single day: you couldn't find a minute for your hobbies, little pleasures, housework etc. Time seems to be slipping through your fingers and before you know it, it's very late and you must go to sleep.

Some people are trying to torture themselves by neglecting their bodies and minds, buying more time with sleep deprivation or cutting down on housework. This is a very bad idea. Sleep deprivation causes lack of focus and motivation, so as a result we think slower and need even more time on anything, including work. Housework will not disappear by itself (there are of course some ways to make it faster, like a dishwasher, but I bet that soon buying tablets and putting crockery in and out of it would become overwhelming anyway).

You are getting more and more frustrated every day. You think that a day should have more than 24 hours, or that you work too much. You wish you could stop the time or become a robot and not being forced to sleep any more. Unfortunately, none of this would happen and you are like a fish in its last struggle for life when caught in a fisherman's net. You feel that time rules your life far too much.

It's still possible to change it! With my revolutionary tip all that feeling of frustration and unfulfilled life will be gone in no time. You shall become the master of your time again.

Listen to what my other clients have to say about Revolutionary Time Stretching Program:

Margaret, age 30
I work 40 hours a week excluding lunch, so about 45 hours a week in total. I cannot function well when I cut down on sleep or drink too much coffee. I could not find any time for studying French, housework, reading, yet at the end of each day I felt exhausted, because, as it seemed, I had been extremely busy. Thanks to this absolutely brilliant tip already on the very first day I was able to clean the bathroom, do my laundry, cook lunch for the following day, hoover my living room and write a brilliant blog entry, and even after completing that I was still full of energy.

Gryzelda, age 6
Mgrrrrr? Purr, purr, purr... Meooooow!
translation: Oh, you're finally home. Pet me and feed me. Now.

 Find out today what my amazing Revolutionary Time Stretching Program can do!

Here's where the PayPal link goes, but I give it all to you for free, because I'm a naive, sentimental idiot :D

This is my brilliant tip - use it and you'll soon experience more of a day in a day!

Here it goes:


I know, you might think that world will end if you don't check up on news and all friends will abandon you if you don't log in to facebook, but this is NOT TRUE. Just trust me on this - when you come home, do what you have to/want to do, and then turn your PC on. You will be surprised how much of spare time you've got.

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